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Sql Server Database Error : The underlying provider failed on Open

This is quite common error in visual studio – The underlying provider failed on open. When you connect to database in the Sql Server Management studio, it gets connected. But when you try to run your application in visual studio, its throwing Exception like this - The underlying provider failed on Open.
 If you view the details of this error it says – 

{"A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the pre-login handshake. (provider: SSL Provider, error: - The wait operation timed out.)"}

Getting this error is strange as you can connect to the database in the Sql Server Management studio. The error comes when you try to connect to your sql database in visual studio.

I found a very simple solution of this problem. Below I attached the screenshots of the error.

                            The underlying provider failed on Open

                             Sql Server Database Error - The underlying provider failed on Open
                             Sql Server Database Error
Here is how I solved this problem.

Go to the command prompt either by pressing win key +X and selecting Command Prompt(Admin) or by opening it from list of All programs(Right click on it and select Run As Administrator).

Type the following command :

netsh Winsock reset

command prompt netsh Winsock reset
After executing this command, the problem was solved for me straightway. However if it not worked for you, restart your PC and try again.

Please note that this error can also come due to many different reasons other than changes winsock.txt file. But mostly you see this error in visual studio due to corrupted winsock file.Give it a try and let me know whether it worked or not.

WiFiKill : Kick other devices off a WiFi Network with Android app

You can do many cool things with your android phone. But you might not know that your android phone is much more capable of doing heavy things. Do you know that you can disable other people’s Wi-Fi internet connections on the same network? This can be done with an app called WiFiKill. I am writing a post related to Hacking after quite a long time. As the title of this blog include the word "Hackery", this blog readers should know some hacking.


1. In order to install this app, you need to root your phone. This app will work only on rooted devices.

2. This post is only for educational purpose. This app can be very dangerous in wrong hands. It should not be used at public networks to annoy people. However, you can use it to play pranks with your friends like I used to do. Also if you own the Wi-Fi network, this app can be used to control the devices on your own network. Again, do not misuse this app as you hold the power of disconnecting any device from the Wi-Fi Network to which you phone is connected. All the devices can lost their Internet connectivity with one click on your phone.

wifikill apk pro download

What WifiKill Can do :

Here are some the great features of WifiKill App for android:
  • Show the traffic consumed by the device.
  • Show the network names of the devices.
  • Can disable the Internet access of any grabbed device. 
  • You also see what other people surf on net and what they download from internet. 
  • Android 4.0 and above only.
  • Supported by tablets.

How to Hack Wifi Network

That’s being said. Lets Begin hacking.

1. As this app can be misused in many ways and can be potential threat to public Wi-Fi connections, it has been removed from android market. But you can download it from the link provided below.


2. Install it after downloading. Turn on the Wi-Fi on your phone and open the app.

wifikill apk pro free download

3. When opened, press the play button on the top and the app will start searching for the devices which are currently connected to the Wireless Internet network. Allow Super user permissions when prompted.

                        wifikill for android    superuser for android
4. When scan completed, the app will show all the devices connected to the hotspot.If you enabl Show Network Names in the preferences, it will also show the devices names.

                       wifikill removing other devices    wifikill kick other devices off a wifi network

                       wifikill kick other devices off a wifi connection      wifikill apk

5. Click one device and slide the grab button .Once grabbed you can see the network usage and websites that are being accessed by it. 

                       wiwifikill grab a device    wifikill

6. In order to disable the Internet access of grabbed device, just Slide the kill button and the device will lost the internet connectivity.

                                                        wifikill kick other devices off

7. You can also kill all the devices at same time by grabbing them all and then killing them. You can only kill after you have grabbed a device. Grabbing the device will show you the bandwidth consumption and websites accessed by device. The device will lost the internet connectivity when you Choose to kill it.

                      wifikill grabbing all devices     wifikill killing all devices

8. When you are done with playing with your friends, just switch off the kill button and the devices will regain their Internet connectivity. Also stop the WifiKill by using the same button you used to start it.

This app can be very helpful when some devices in your Wi-Fi network are consuming all the bandwidth and slowing down the network. You can kick off such devices and can utilize all the bandwidth. However, it will not be much difficult for a technical person to track you.

How this Works:

As you can do some hacking now, you should also know how this small app able to do such big things. When your phone is connected to the Wireless network, this app sends spoofing packets to all other devices and make then think that your phone is access point (or router). As a result, all the packets start flowing through your phone and then you can kick off them. This app will not disconnect them but only disable their Internet access and make them think that they are connected to a very slow Internet connection. You can find more about this app at XDA Developers.

Create Wifi Hotspot on Windows 7 / Windows 8 Laptop Without Using any Software

Just few days back, I write a post to turn your windows laptop into wifi hotspot using a software mhotspot. Mhotspot is small software and very easy to use, there is another great way to create wifi hotspot on windows 7 and windows8. Actually, you do not need help of any third party wifi hotspot software in order to create wifi hotspot. There is a built in feature in both windows 7 and windows 8(should be working on windows 8.1) to create hotspot. You just need to write few commands in command prompt.

1. Open the Command prompt as Administrator (Right click and select Run as administrator).You can also open it by pressing Window Key + X and choosing Command Prompt(Admin).

creating wifi hotspot windows 7

create wifi hotspot windows 7 using command prompt

2. Type the following command in the command prompt and press Enter.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=tipstrickshackery  key=wifipassword
creating wifi hotspot on windows 7 using command prompt

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid

Here ssid is the name of your hotspot and key is password of your hotspot.Choose both of these according to you.

3. Next,type the following command and hit enter.

 netsh wlan start hostednetwork
You will get a message like The hosted network started.
 netsh wlan start hostednetwork

4. Now go to Network And Sharing center and You can see your newly created wifi hotspot connection.But, as you can see, it has no network access.We need to fix this by enabling sharing of internet connection for your working Internet connection.In my case, it is wifi connection,but it can be Ethernet or any other working internet connection.                                                         Create Wifi Hotspot on Windows 7 / Windows 8 Laptop Without Using any Software

                                   network and sharing center

5. To enable sharing, Click on your default Internet connection and select Properties.Under the Sharing tab, tick the box saying – Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.Under the Home networking Connection, select the connection which is showing as your hotspot connection.(In my case, it is Local Area connection *12 ) .
                                windows 8 network and sharing center

                                 making wifi hotspot

                                 enabling wifi sharing windows 7

                                  enabling sharing
6. Your Wifi hotspot is created and Internet sharing is enabled. You can check in the Network and Sharing center that your wifi hotspot now has Internet Access.

                                   wifi hotspot without any software windows 8

7. Now Connect any wifi enabled device to this hotspot using the password you choose while typing the command.

8. In order to stop the Wifi hotspot, Just type the following command in the command prompt(as Administrator).

  netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

It might came to your mind that remembering these commands is not easy.Also typing them again again is tedious task.This also has a solution.

1. Write both the commands in notepad.

  netsh wlan start hostednetwork

2. Select Save As and save the file as Batch type. Name the file anything you want but make its extension .bat .Also select All Files in Save as Type. Save it on the desktop.

creating wifi hotspot windows 8

3. Your batch file is created.Now whenever you need to start hotspot, just run this file with admin privileges.

creating wifi hotspot without any software

4. Similar way, you can create a batch file to stop the hotspot.

This tutorial might feels you long because I explained in quite detail. However, It will not take more than two minutes to create wifi hotspot using this method.

Facing any problem, let me know in the comment section.

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android

WhatsApp – This messaging app needs no introduction. The increasing number of whatsApp users tell all about this awesome messaging app. Its simple and easy to use Interface makes it best messaging app for smartphones.Sending messages on whatsApp is very simple.Choose the contact, type your message and click send button.If you have internet connectivity, the message will sent right away, otherwise it will be stored in whatsApp cache storage and will be sent as soon as you are connected to Internet.

Now comes the tricky part.Think of a situation when you want to send message to someone early in the morning, but you are too lazy to wake up in the morning. Also, your friend’s birthday is coming next week and you want to make sure that you at least wish him by sending a message on whatsApp. In such situations, whatsApp provides no way of scheduling the messages so that they automatically delivered to the recipient at specified time. Then I discovered about the whatsApp scheduling app. This third party app is a handy tool which let you do this job.The credit goes to my friend who challenges me everyday to wake up before her in the morning.I daily have to set up a alarm so that I can send Good Morning message to her before she send me one.This was bad for me because I don't like to get disturb by the annoying alarm sound in the morning.Finally, I discovered this scheduling app to schedule whatsApp messages.I simply type the messages at night, set the delivery time and message automatically sent at specified time .Isn't it smart? I hope She never read this.

Scheduling messages on whatsApp is very easy. Follow these steps:

Note: In order to use the messaging scheduling app, your android phone must be rooted, otherwise this app will not work.

1. First download and install the WhatsApp Scheduling app from here. If this link not worked, try this mediafire link.

2. Once you’re done, open the app.It will ask you for Superuser permission.Grant it.

whatsapp Message scheduler
3. Next, Click on the icon(pencil Icon) in front of Pending messages .Select Contact which can either be a person or group.Type your message and set the scheduling time.Finally click Add and your message will be listed under Pending messages tab and will be sent according to set time.Refer to the screenshots below.

            schedule whatassp messages on android   messaging scheduling app  
                                             How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android

4. You can schedule many messages at the same time.When the message is delivered your are notified by a notification in the bar.

If you face any problem in implementing the above steps, let me know by commenting below.Please provide your valuable feedback.
Other WhatsApp tricks to try :

What is an EPUB file and how to open It

Found a file with EPUB extension on your computer or online but unable to open it? This post is all about EPUB files and EPUB ebooks and how to read them. EPUB (short form for Electronic Publication) is a free and open ebook standard.This ebook format is freely available and becoming popular over the Internet to publish ebooks, newspapers and magazines.The main advantage of EPUB files over other formats is that EPUB files adjust the font size and text layout according to the dimensions of device on which they are being viewed.This allow you to read the same file on any device like smartphones,tablets,etc.

How to open EPUB files

I am going to tell you how to open and read an EPUB file on your PC and all other mobile devices .Now its also possible to read an online EPUB file in your browser with the help of extensions.

Opening EPUB files on PC

There are two main Ebook readers for reading Epub files on desktop.One is FBReader and another one is MobiPocket Reader . Both are available free of cost. Another ebook software to consider for reading EPUB files is Adobe Digital Editions. Below I attached the screenshots of both FBReader and Adobe Digital Editions.Page Rendering is better and page load time is less in Adobe Digital Editions.
open ebook with EPUB format

open epub file with ebook reader software

Viewing EPUB Files in Browsers

Chrome Extension For EPUB Files

Go to the MagicScroll Ebook Reader page and Click Add to Chrome in order to install the Extension.

 MagicScroll Ebook Reader for chrome

EPUB Reader For firefox

If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser then, go to EpubReader Extension Page and install the Plugin.With this Plugin installed, you can read EPUB files in firefox without need of any external Ebook Reader software.

EpubReader Extension for firefox

Converting Epub into PDF Format

You can even convert an EPUB file to PDF. Just go to or and upload your file.It can take few minutes to an hour (depending upon the size of your file) to convert the epub file to pdf. Download the file and read it with your ebook reader. 

epub to pdf

Read EPUB File on kindle

Epub files are needed to be convert before you can read them on your kindle device.Go to and Download caliber. Calibre is a multipurpose ebook management tool which manages your ebook library and convert ebooks from one format to another. Click Add books in order to add a book to your caliber Library and then convert it into MOBI format so that you can read it on kindle.Next Share the file with your Kindle device. 

Read EPUB File on kindle

Reading Epub Files on Android and iPhone

Numerous apps are available for both android and iPhone users to read EPUB files.FBReader which is already mentioned in the post is also available both for android and iPhone. 

Happy Reading!!!!!!

Turn Your Windows Laptop into wifi hotspot with Mhotspot

Most modern devices have built in wifi adapters which allow you to access the wifi hotspot anywhere you go. But what if your laptop has only wired Internet connection or you have wifi access only to your laptop and you want to share internet connection to your mobile, ipad, TV, Playstation console,etc.In such situations, you can turn your windows laptop into wifi hotspot so that you can connect your other devices to internet also.

Turning windows 7 or windows 8 laptop into wifi hotspot is very easy. There are many free software which can do this for you. But I use mhotspot for this tutorial. I personally recommend mhotspot to create wifi hotspot because of following reasons:

  • Very small size (400 KB only) and does not affect the PC performance.
  •  Connect up to 10 devices to the hotspot.
  • Works both with windows 7 and windows 8.
  •  Restrict the maximum number of clients which can connect to hotspot simultaneously.
  •  Easy to use and simple interface.
Now let’s begin the tutorial. It is very easy step by step guide.
1. First download mhotspot software by going here. It is a small software with size less than 1 MB. Install it after download completes.

                             Turn your computer into wifi hotspot with mhotspot

                             creating wifi hotspot with mhotspot

                             turning windows 7 laptop into wifi hotspot
2. After completing installation, run it and interface of the software will open. As you can see the user interface is simple and self-explanatory.

3. For starting up the hotspot for the first time, choose Hotspot Name and password of your choice. Password at least must be eight characters long.

4. Next, Select Internet connection which you want to share with other devices. In my case I want to create wifi hotspot using my existing wifi connection .Choose the maximum number of clients(devices) that can connect to hotspot and click start hotspot. Wait for few seconds.
                                              turning windows computer into wifi hotspot
5. Once successfully started, turn wifi adapter on your mobile or other wifi enabled device, type the password and connect. When connected, your device will appear in the hotspot.

                                                turning windows 7 windows 8 laptop into wifi hotspot
6. Minimize the hotspot and enjoy Internet connectivity across your all devices.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages Easily

WhatsApp is one of the most famous mobile messenger. Everybody is on WhatsApp these days –from basic Symbian users to high end Android or iPhone users. Its easy to use interface and simple navigation makes it king of mobile messengers. In this post I am going to share with you the easiest way to recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

                               recover deleted text messages whatsapp

Sometimes you accidentally delete WhatsApp text messages or need to re-install it due to software update. Don’t worry ,WhatsApp has made recovering deleted messages very easy. You do not even need a third party data recovery app. WhatsApp automatically backs up your messages everyday and comes with built in functionality to restore them. For android devices backup is stored on the SD card and for iPhone this is stored on iCloud.

There is a limitation of this restoration facility of WhatsApp .There is no direct option to restore the text messages within the app. In order to restore the deleted messages, first you need to uninstall the app and then re-install it. By default, WhatsApp make a backup of your all messages daily at 4 am, but you can backup conversations manually at any time.

1. Open the app and navigate to Options>Settings>Chat Settings>Backup conversations. Click it and app will create a backup of all text messages.

            Backup conversation on whatsapp      Backing up whatsapp messages

2. Next time you install the WhatsApp , it will use this backup copy to recover the messages.

3. Uninstall the app and re-install it .Launch the app and immediately following the mobile verification procedure you’ll be asked if you want to restore from backup.      
                                           Recover Deleted text messages

4. Choose Restore and you’ll be able to recover your all messages till the time when the backup was created. 

                Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages   recover whatsapp text messages

That's it .You successfully restored all your messages and its like you never uninstalled the WhatsApp. Happy texting.